About 1F
oneFactor's Artificial Intelligence Service Delivery Platform helps telecoms and other transactional data owners (banks, payment systems, retailers) to launch AI services for enterprises as a new digital revenue stream

AI Services can be quickly configured by the end-clients without deep expertise in Machine Learning algorithms and worrying about data accuracy and data coverage issues.
In the distant 2012, when no one on the market had yet talked about Artificial Intelligence as a mass trend, the oneFactor team already created the first commercially successful services for banks based on Big Data and Machine Learning technologies, and turned it into a business.
In 2016, oneFactor, based on Artificial Intelligence, developed the SmartIndex system to automate the placement, media planning and targeting of digital outdoor advertising in real time. The unique technology changes the traditional approach and makes a revolution in the DOOH advertising market. Among the companies that already used SmartIndex - Uber, Bayer, MediaMarkt, Metro C&C, HeadHunter, Hasbro, etc.
In January, 2018, oneFactor ran the Artificial Intelligence Service Delivery Platform that helps telecoms and other transactional data owners (banks, payment systems, retailers) to launch AI services for enterprises as a new digital revenue stream.
In 2017, after the closed tests in the regions, oneFactor launched the cloud-based service for media measurement of outdoor advertising for all players of the market, which is a part of the SmartIndex system. The clients of Media Direction Group, several outdoor advertising operators and a number of advertising agencies were connected to the service.
In June, 2019, for the first time in Russia the outdoor advertising market received free access to media measurements data. Now, using the web-service SmartIndex 2.0, operators, advertising agencies and direct advertisers can get average GRP and OTS ratings for free.
In 2019, more than 80% of all loans in the countries where oneFactor operates were issued with the help of our solution. oneFactor's platform is used by more than 100 banks, including all of the CIS' top-ten banks; over 200 medium and large retail chains; a number of major advertising platforms; and several city construction planning and census projects in the CIS.

Now, we have on-boarded and generated revenue for several telecom operators in different countries, for a few international payment systems and several credit history bureaus.
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We have developed a number of proprietary technologies, the two of them inside the platform collect and analyze data about the whole population in the country and generate mobile devices' geo-tracks with GPS-comparable accuracy, using common data provider's sources only.

These accurate data allow to provide AI services to automate price management, risk management, point-of-sales location management and OOH-planning tasks for enterprise clients with maximum business impact that could be reached on data provider's sources.