Effective communication with the audience through various channels

The SmartIndex platform includes a number of modern services, such as optimization of targeted programs, targeted placement on digital advertising surfaces, calculation of conversions for already implemented advertising campaigns, and conducting omnichannel campaigns.
CTR increase during omnichannel campaigns
reduced costs for outdoor advertising
the maximum accuracy of geodata on the market - 10 times higher than that of standard technologies
SmartIndex calculates the conversion from online to offline and vice versa, measures the conversion to target actions in different media channels: outdoor advertising, Internet, SMS, telemarketing.

The real-time service forms recommendations based on affinity and predicted level of conversion: where is the best place to advertise and how to do it for minimal money.

The oneFactor solution allows you to plan an advertising campaign targeting the owners of a specific car brand or a specific phone model, regular taxi users, etc.

SmartIndex works on the basis of combined data from telecom operators and other sources - data from Internet companies, Wi-Fi providers, retailers, banks. The service covers about 98% of the economically active population of the country. The technology allows you to calculate the audience for each specific advertising surface at a certain point in time, regardless of the format.
coverage of economically active population in the country
up to 50%
up to 50 m
various conversion rates for already implemented advertising campaigns
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