For the first time in Russia, outdoor advertising market received free access to media measurements data

When planning an outdoor advertising campaign, the SmartIndex 2.0 service allows to evaluate the ratings and determine the audience profile of this location.
Using SmartIndex 2.0, operators will be able to choose places for installing new surfaces, advertising agencies save on purchases, customers optimize address programs, and external developers have the opportunity to earn and develop services for outdoor advertising.
reduced costs for outdoor advertising
the history of audience measurements from any geographic location
the maximum accuracy of geodata on the market - 10 times higher than that of standard technologies
Now operators, advertising agencies and direct advertisers can get average GRP and OTS ratings for free. Through a specially designed web-interface you can download any address program and get the necessary media indicators and assessment of the effectiveness of placement in automatic mode in seconds.

The free part of the service includes data for a number of the largest cities in the country. In the paid version, data are available for any city and settlement, for which 100% coverage is reached both in terms of structures and the population. It doesn't matter if the surface is electrified, if additional equipment is installed on it, the service will still evaluate the ratings and determine the audience profile of this location.

Users can receive ratings for narrow target audiences - by gender, age, income level, place of residence, taking into account the transit population and other target groups.

The service works for any surfaces, regardless of the format and location of advertising structures, and even allows you to evaluate the place to install new ones.

The service works on the basis of data on the load on the networks of mobile operators, as well as other sources - data of Internet companies, Wi-Fi providers, retailers, banks.
coverage of economically active population in the country
up to 50%
up to 1.5 years
up to 50 m
evaluation of existing advertising structures and new places for their installation
less than 30 sec
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