Validation of client geodata within one second

The service allows you to validate address information online.

Business effect of using the service:
increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
The service covers 98% of the economically active population of the country with the help of a technological platform based on combined data from telecom operators and other sources.

- 50 meters: accuracy of address validation
- more than 98%: hit-rate
- more than 15: validation attributes
- 24 hours: automated retro tests
- 2 hours: integration with the service
- SLA: 98% responses in 2 seconds

The service has a flexible scalable architecture with constant data monitoring and round-the-clock technical support.
Models that can use validation data from a query
Ready APIs
Automated monitoring of data quality and PSI scores
Availability of dedicated technical support
Free testing
up to 15%
reducing fraud risks by
up to 20%
reduction of costs for manual verification
up to 40%
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