More than 80% of all loans in countries where oneFactor operates, are issued using the SmartMachine service.

SmartMachine is the leader on the behavioral scoring market operating on pooled data from mobile operators and other sources. The service allows you to automate decision-making processes and reduce credit risks. The service is used by both large organizations and small MFIs, and regional banks. SmartMachine works to assess the risks of lending to individuals and small and medium-sized businesses.

Business effect of using the service:
Increase in volume of payments without increasing cost of risk
Reducing the cost of risk without reducing the retail loan portfolio
Reducing the cost of risk without reducing the volume of the corporate loan portfolio
Automate the process and accelerate the decision on the loan
The service operates on the basis of a technological platform that aggregates data from various industries and allows you to make a risk assessment of 98% of the economically active population of the country.

You can supplement your scoring systems with analysis of the client's behavioral profile or use the ready-made solution from oneFactor.

- more than 80%: all loans in countries where oneFactor operates, were issued using SmartMachine
- more than 2000: behavioral attributes
- more than 98%: hit-rate
- up to 70 p.p. Gini: accuracy of models
- 2 hours: integration with the service
- 98%: replies within 2 seconds

The service has a high processing speed, which is especially important when receiving online loan applications.
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