Conversion into target action up to 30%

The service allows you to timely identify the interest in products / services, as well as to conduct personal communication.

Targeting offers:
- increase in sales
- sales funnel conversion increase using a pool of ready-to-use ML-models
- conversion increase due to hourly CRM campaigns

Base reactivation:
- identification of interest in the purchase of goods or services
- segmentation of the inactive base by potential level for the future campaigns
- reactivation of the "dormant" base

Customer churn reduction:
- identification of interest in competitors' products / services
- triggers of interest in competitors' products / services
- reduced customer outflow
The service has a flexible scalable architecture with constant data monitoring and round-the-clock technicl support.
The service covers 98% of the economically active population of the country with the help of a technological platform running on combined data from telecom operators and other sources.
conversion in target action
behavioral attributes inside
active base generation in modes from once a month to once an hour
up to 1 time per hour
up to 30%
more than 2000
population coverage
more than 98%
integration with the service
2 hours
Ready-made service consumption interfaces
Automated data quality monitoring
Availability of dedicated technical support
Free testing
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