Reducing investment risks when evaluating a new location up to 5 times

The service allows you to assess the potential of any location in the country based on Machine Learning technologies, taking into account the specifics of the customer's business.
accuracy of retail turnover forecasting
reduction of labor costs for location assessment due to automation of the processes of collecting, expanding and analyzing geodata
maximum accuracy of geodata - 10 times higher than standard technologies on the market
Based on Machine Learning technologies, the service allows both predicting the turnover for any outlet and finding the most optimal locations based on the concentration of the target audience of a particular customer.

For assessing locations, the oneFactor solution uses the widest range of different data sources:
Telecom operator geodata, specified using it's own algorithm to a specific side of the road
Fiscal data
Data of Wi-Fi providers and internet companies
Data from open sources
reduction of investment risk when evaluating a new location
up to 5 times
up to 90%
up to 95%
up to 50 m
In total, our sources cover about 98% of the economically active population of the country.
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