The most complete information on the market about tourist flows for any region of the country

Service is one of the elements of the "Smart City": it allows you to estimate the actual tourist flows, identify the main points of attraction, form a "portrait of a tourist" and evaluate the economic attractiveness of tourism for any region of the country.
the maximum accuracy of geodata on the market - 10 times higher than that of standard technologies
The service works on the basis of combined data from mobile operators and other sources - data from Internet companies, Wi-Fi providers, retailers, banks.

The technology allows you to analyze data on the location of all mobile devices in the country in real time.

The service based on Machine Learning algorithms creates an aggregated "portrait of a resident" of any city or locality in the country, and also defines residents with a similar behavioral profile.

Profiling options:
Socio-demographic signs
Income level
Places of residence / work / and movement
coverage of the economically active population of the country
up to 50 m
100% full compliance with GDPR
Sites and applications
Social network
Frequently visited locations and points of attraction
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