oneFactor is an international company with two R&D centers located in Russia.

We have created and keep on developing the Artificial Intelligence Service Delivery Platform that helps telecoms and other transactional data owners (banks, payment systems, retailers) to launch AI services as a new digital revenue stream.

We have developed a number of proprietary technologies, the two of them do accurate data generation based on inaccurate and fragmented data streams to "reconstruct" missing information about competitors' subscribers and accurate mobile devices' coordinates:
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– Digital Fingerprint Generator - reconstructs behavioral profile of each competitors' subscriber
– Geo-Tracking Engine - reconstructs accurate coordinates with +/-50 meters accuracy and speed & direction characteristics of each handset

We are actively investing in the development of our own Machine Learning algorithms based on transactional and text data, and Big Data analytics platforms.

The oneFactor team are people who are fascinated by two things: Machine Learning and development of distributed data processing platforms.

Now we are strengthening our market positions and spreading our activities worldwide.